Playlist: 07/21/19

Driftwood | Hello (Tree of Shade)

Todd Rundgren | Hello, It’s Me (Something/Anything?)

Driftwood Soldier | John Henry (Stay Ahead of the Wolf)

Our Native Daughters | Polly Ann’s Hammer (Songs of Our Native Daughters)

Odetta | Take This Hammer (Sings Ballads and Blues)

Suzie Brown | Under the Surface (Under the Surface)

Gary Jules | Mad World (Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets)

Joe Iadanza | Emma Rose (Common Man)

Pete Mancini | Casino Lights (Flying First Class)

Roger Street Friedman |Paradise (Shoot the Moon)

Gathering Time | You Were On My Mind (Single)

Alice Howe | Still On My Mind (Visions)

Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop | Every Songbird says (Love Letter from Fire)

Calexico/Iron & Wine | Follow the Water (Years to Burn)

Elvis Costello | Alison (My Aim Is True)

Cynthia Cochrane