Playlist: 05/05/19

Pete Seeger | False From True (Pete at 89)

Bruce Springsteen | Bring ‘Em Home (We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions)

Richard Shindell | Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (Vuelta)

Pete Seeger | Sailing Down My Golden River (Live in studio)

Kim & Reggie Harris | High Over the Hudson (Single)

Various Artists | Take It from Dr. King (Seeds)

The Mammals | Quite Early Morning (Rock That Babe)

Pete Seeger | Old Devil Time (Singalong)

John McCuthcheon | God Bless the Grass (To Everyone in All the World)

Spook Handy | From Way Up Here (Dedicated to the Proposition)

Steve Earle | Pete’s Hammer (Washington Square Serenade)

John McCutcheon | If I Had a Hammer (To Everyone in All the World)

Spook Handy | Always a Song to Sing (Dedicated to the Proposition)

The Kennedys | Half a Million Miles (Retrospective)

Abbie Gardner | Afraid of Love (Wishes on a Neon Moon)

Jill Sobule | The Party’s Over, Party Girl (Nostalgia Kills)



Cynthia Cochrane