Playlist: 05/26/19

John Gorka | Let Them In (The Company You Keep)

Bruce Springsteen | The Wall (High Hopes)

Ordinary Elephant | The War (Honest)

Goodnight Moonshine | Looking at Forever (I’m the Only One Who Will Tell You, You’re Bad)

The Sea The Sea | Good for Something (From the Light)

Susan Werner | Get You from Below (NOLA)

Louis Armstrong | Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans (The Definitive Collection)

Dayna Kurtz | NOLA (Another Black Feather…)

Roger Street Friedman | Time to Fly (The Waiting Sky)

Glen Hansard | Coyote (Joni at 75)

Dixie Chicks | Landslide (Playlist: The Very Best of Dixie Chicks)

Lissie | Dreams | When I’m Alone (The Piano Retrospective)

Christine Sweeney | Rhiannon (Unreleased)

The Village Dudes | Terror (Another Time and Place)

Cynthia Cochrane