Playlist: 03/24/19

Matt Marshak | Simple Man (Simple Man)

J. D. Souther | You’re Only Lonely (Natural History)

Barnaby Bright | Alive (The Longest Day)

Indigo Girls | Closer to Fine Indigo Girls)

Ana Silvera | Love Deeper (Arcana)

Katherine Rondeau | Urge for Going (Unfortunate Point of View)

Annie Sumi | The City (In the Unknown)

Maya DeVitry | Go Tell a Bird (Adaptations)

Dom Flemons | One Dollar Bill (Presents Black Cowboys)

Leyla McCalla | Me and My Bay (The Capitalist Blues)

Rhiannon Giddens, et al, | Moon Meets Sun (Songs of Our Native Daughters)

Joe Jencks | Why Are the Guns Still Firing (The Forgotten)

Joan Baez | The President Sang Amazing Grace (Whistle Down the Wind)

Kenny White | Charleston (Long List of Priors)

Cynthia Cochrane