On Your Radar - January 8, 2019

All Types of Kinds is a unique band, playing genres from folk to rap, and everything in between. They harmonize with the best of them, have a bit of a rock vibe and it's not uncommon for a smart rap to artfully make its way into a song. An ATOK show is high energy, they play their original music as well as covers and take their cues from the audience, so no two shows are ever the same.

Chosen as Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's "Most Wanted Band" of 2016, Low Lily plays acoustic music that is deeply rooted in tradition yet sounds refreshingly contemporary. Setting down roots in Brattleboro, Vermont, the band has crafted a signature sound which they have shared with enthusiastic audiences throughout North America and the UK. With their first full-album release, "10,000 Days Like These", Low Lily shares an intimate, no-tricks-involved, collection of songs that showcases their talents and proves them to be a formidable, ready-for-prime-time act.

Hailing from the historic fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Emerald Rae is both a small-town girl steeped in cherished traditions and a world-class artist breaking new ground with her sophisticated approach to rhythmic and percussive fiddling. Her direct and intimate style of singing infuses her songs with a powerful immediacy while her extraordinary chops transform the fiddle into anything from bagpipes to flamenco or electric guitar, slap bass or ukulele.